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  • Mar 26

    Shamrock Gear Restoration LLC. Is looking for 10 fire departments to test wear our new Shamrock Suspender. The Shamrock Suspender is different from other suspenders in that they are fully adjustable to fit sizes 34-46. Our larger size adjusts from 38-56. The suspenders have Comfort Fit padded shoulders and Quick Adjust front straps and are made from heavy duty, quality cotton webbing.

    We are looking for department members that would be willing to participate in our Trial Wear Evaluation process. Participating departments would receive 2 pair of the suspenders to be worn and evaluated. We would hope that the suspenders could be evaluated by multiple members of your department.

    These suspenders have been developed to improve upon the general “stock” suspender. We have spent time looking at what will be most comfortable, economical, and functional for today’s firefighter. The suspender project has been cared for under the watchful eye of a 20 year veteran firefighter, with the comfort and functionality of the end user in mind. We didn’t try to re-invent the wheel just make it roll smoother!

    If interested, please call our office at 330-313-1220 or e-mail

    Remember, all of our products are constructed here in the USA. Products are developed for firefighters by firefighters.

  • Sep 8

    The following statements are TRUE:

    1- Shamrock Gear & Repair is located is Stark County, Ohio.


    2- In the Northeast corner of Ohio, there are over 400 fire departments.


    3- In Northeast Ohio, there is only 1 Fire Gear Care & Repair Facility.


    4- Shamrock Gear can and will pick up, clean, inspect, repair, and return your fire gear in a timely fashion.  This ensures your gear is compliant to NFPA 1851 and safe for your firefighters. 


    5- Shamrock Gear can come to your department and perform Advanced Inspections while keeping your gear in service.


    6- Shamrock Gear helps your department get the full life of your gear and saves you money for replacement.


    7- You can’t afford not to call our office and find a Maintenance Program  that fits you department.


    8- You will not regret your call!!

  • Aug 30

    As General Manager of Shamrock Gear & Repair LLC, I focus very closely on the fire departments in our region.  Being located in Central Ohio, we like to focus on departments that we can visit, train, pick-up, and deliver to in a short time.  We all understand that when looking at fire gear repair, time frames are important.  “How long will you have our gear?”   ”What is the turn around time for repairs?”  These are examples of the most common questions we get in our office, even before “How much?”.  So as I track where our customers are contacting us from, I watch our website traffic.

    Recently, I have seen a large influx of traffic and visits from Texas, Kansas, California, Michigan, New York, and Florida.  There have been as many, or more, visits from those states as from Ohio.  This tells me that those states are looking for answers to the question “What do we need to do to maintain our gear and stay NFPA compliant?”.  It is not a simple answer, but not complicated. 

    1)  Get a copy of NFPA 1851.  Read it.  Try to understand it (or stay awake while you read it).  Make a list of questions you have about the standard.  Interpretations of the document may vary from one person to another.  Getting a basic understanding and begin planning your Maintenance Program.

    2)  Contact your Firefighter Ensemble Dealer or Manufacturer.  Get their recommendations. 

    3)  Find a list of verified Independant Service Providers (ISP’s) and contact one, two, or all of them.  Ask your questions.  Look for training, services, references, prices, so on and so forth.  Interview that ISP to see if they are going to be the right fit for you and your department.

    4)  Search the World Wide Web for online training.  Read the articles, watch the videos, do what you can “in house” that will save you money and keep members safe.  With the proper training from an ISP, you can do a lot of general maintenance yourself, right up to the point of advanced steps and sewing or repairs. 

    At this point, it is time to choose an ISP for further assistance and repairs. 

    It all sounds very simple- maybe it is.  But, it is not a task that should be taken lightly.  The individual in your department that has or takes on the task of your department’s gear maintenance should be diligent in the procedure and task.  The assignment could be overwhelming if there is no Program in place.  A quality ISP can be of great assistance.

    So, if you are in one of the states that I mentioned earlier, and you are not getting answers in your state, contact Shamrock Gear, we can help!!


    We test our fire pumps, we test our fire hose, we test our SCBA’s, we test our ladders- DO WE TEST OUR FIRE GEAR?

    Rob Leahy