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  • Jan 9

    Does your organization have questions about NFPA 1851?  We receive many calls to our shop asking “What does NFPA 1851 say?”  We welcome these calls, as everything that we do is directed by the NFPA 1851 document, so we know what NFPA 1851 says.

    We posted a NFPA 1851 summary on our blog some time ago, and it may be of use to anybody looking for information on NFPA 1851.

    A few things about NFPA 1851 and fire bunker gear cleaning:

    • NFPA 1851 does not “certify” an organization to clean fire gear, any claims of being “NFPA 1851 Certified” are false.
    • NFPA 1851 spells out several “levels” of cleaning.  These levels of cleaning are “routine” “advanced” and “Specialized.”
    • NFPA 1851 sets a minimum set of records that must be maintained on every set of firefighting gear including any dates and reasons for fire gear advanced cleanings.
    • NFPA 1851 states that soiled or contaminated elements shall not be brought into the home, washed in home laundries, or washed in public laundries unless the public laundry has a dedicated business to handle fire fighting protective clothing.
    • NFPA 1851 states that every six months, at a minimum, elements that have been issued, used, and are soiled, shall receive advanced cleaning.
    • NFPA 1851 says that heavy scrubbing or high velocity power washers shall not be used.
    • NFPA states that cleaning or decontamination solution shall not be greater than pH 10.5

    These are just a few points from the NFPA 1851 document.  Again, you may find the summary of NFPA 1851 useful.  In our next post, we will talk about NFPA 1851 and fire bunker gear repair.  If you have any questions about NFPA 1851, and you would like to speak to us, we welcome your phone call.

    Call Shamrock Gear at 330-313-1220 and we will help you decipher the NFPA 1851 document.