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  • Apr 24


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    As you determine your PPE needs for the coming year don’t forget the constant care and maintenance your bunker gear requires. Why not build a maintenance program into your next grant request?

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  • Apr 7

    At Shamrock Gear and Repair, we pride ourselves in the fact that many times, when we receive calls asking if we have received fire gear ensembles for repairs, we are able to respond by saying “We cleaned, inspected, made all repairs, and shipped it back already.”  Many times customers are expecting us to receive fire gear for repair a day or two after we have already completed work on the turnouts.  This ability to service gear quickly is one of the reasons that fire departments, oil refineries, and industry continue to contact us for their fire gear cleaning, inspection, and repair.  Your fire turnout gear does your firefighters no good while it sits on a shelf waiting for repair.  Your fire gear does Shamrock Gear no good sitting on a shelf.  For these reasons, we skip the shelf that many repair facilities use.  We see what needs done to your fire gear, and we do it then ship it back to you immediately.

    Do you measure your fire gear repair facility’s turnaround time in days, or do you measure it in weeks or months?  Shamrock Gear customers measure turnaround time in days.  We cannot control shipping companies, but we do control our operations.  If you would like to talk to us about our fire gear cleaning, inspection, and repair programs, including our turnaround times, call us at 330-313-1220.