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  • Mar 17

    Does your department have a set of fire gear that needs altered? Call us to do it. We at Shamrock Gear and Repair can alter your bunker gear.

    Some of the alterations that we routinely perform on fire turnout gear are:

    • Adding Microphone Tabs
    • Adding Flashlight Holder
    • Lengthen Fire Gear Jackets
    • Lengthen Sleeves on Turnout Coat
    • Shorten Turnout Coat Sleeves
    • Shorten Turnout Coat
    • Add Radio Pocket to Fire Gear Jacket
    • Take In Turnout Gear Waist
    • Increase Turnout Gear Waist Size
    • Add Spanner Pockets
    • Lengthen Fire Gear Trousers
    • Shorten Fire Gear Trousers
    • Add Harness Loops

    This is not an all inclusive list of fire gear alterations that we can do at Shamrock Gear and Repair.  If you have fire gear that needs altered, call us today at 330-313-1220. 

    Shamrock Gear & Repair LLC 330-313-1220.

  • Mar 10

    Your loved one is having a medical emergency.  You call for an ambulance.  The few short minutes it takes the squad to respond seems like an eternity.  You finally hear the siren and see the lights.  The squad slows and keeps on moving as if they can’t find you or your house.  What’s wrong with them?  Are they lost or just stupid?  The answer is neither! 

    In the darknes, on streets or in neighborhoods that may not be well lit, it can be very difficult for safety personnel to locate the proper address.  They may be on the correct street but the house numbers may not be well marked if at all.

    Don’t make them guess when minutes count!  The use of a Reflective Address Sign can make all the difference.  These 911 Signs have high visibility even in the darkest of nights.  Make it easy for those you need- when you need them. 911 Reflective House Number Address Sign Ordering Page

    Your source for the Reflective Address Signs.

    They ship them anywhere in the lower 48.

  • Mar 5

    If you find your fire turnout gear contaminated after an incident, call us for direction. Many people do not know exactly what to do if their fire gear is contaminated. Proper handling of the fire turnout gear can prevent damage if your fire gear is contaminated. We are able to remove many contaminates from fire gear without damaging the bunker gear. These contaminates of fire gear can be anything from blood, diesel fuel, oil, tar and paint. If your fire gear is contaminated with any of these, or other contaminates, call us at 330-313-1220.

  • Mar 2

    At Shamrock Gear and Repair LLC, we get several calls every week asking us for fire turnout gear inspection forms.  We have decided to add these forms online so that they are available to you anytime you need them.  At Shamrock Gear and Repair, we are all about firefighter safety, so if you need fire gear inspection forms after an incident, you should not have to wait until we open our doors in the morning to get them.

    Here is a link to the Fire Gear  Jacket Inspection Form.

    Here is a link to our Fire Gear Trouser Inspection Form.

    Here is our Fire Gear Inspection Work Order

    We hope that these inspection forms will help you during your fire gear inspection.  Remember that you may always call us at 330-313-1220 with any questions.  We are here to help firefighters.  We are a firefighter owned and firefighter operated company.

    Shamrock Gear

    Safety for Firefighters, by Firefighters

  • Mar 2

    If you are visiting our website searching for information on fire gear cleaning, bunker gear repair, or even turnout gear inspections, we need to thank Steve McKinney of  Steve has made it possible for you, the firefighter to find us the, ISP.  We couldn’t help you with fire gear maintenance if you couldn’t find us.  Steve has played an integral part in the development of making Shamrock Gear a nationwide firehouse name.  Cleaning, repairing, and inspecting fire gear is most effective when you have the help professionals.  Getting the word of safe turnout gear maintenance out is also best left to the professionals-  Thanks Steve.

  • Mar 1

    With the recent redesign of our main website, we decided to move the firefighting accessories to their own site.  Our firefighter radio holsters continue to be our most popular firefighting accessory.  We are proud to announce that our firefighter radio holster and radio strap website is now up and functioning properly.  If you are in the market for a firefighter radio holster, please check out our new radio holster website.

  • Mar 1
    Fire coat after removing Tar & Oil

    Fire coat after removing Tar & Oil

    Fire coat covered in Tar & Oil
    Fire coat covered in Tar & Oil

    Recently we received a set of fire gear that was coated in a thick tar-like, crude oil residue.  It stunk, it was sticky, and it needed serious ensemble cleaning.  With some time, effort, patience, and the right combination of elbow grease and cleaning agents, we were able to get the fire gear elements in shape to return to service. 

    Safety for Firefighters, by Firefighters.

    Take a look at the pictures.  If you ever have an issue like this or similar with your fire gear- call us we can help!


  • Mar 1

    In the recent months, we have received many inquiries from fire departments about turnout gear maintenance.  It has been great to hear that so many are really focusing on the safety of their firefighters.  One question we have heard repeatedly from both new and old customers is “Where are you located?”.  Yes, we have moved and yes our new facility helps us to maintain the growing needs of our customers. 

    Shamrock Gear & Repair LLC has moved to 9522 Main Ave. SE in East Sparta.  The 2 story 3000 square foot building allows us to keep “dirty gear” completely separate from “clean gear”.    ”The Flow” of our specialized cleaning and repair process has been a great fit in this building, and has made Shamrock Gear the most efficient ISP in Ohio. 

    Please feel free to stop by and take a brief tour of YOUR Fire Firefighter Ensemble Maintenance Facility.  We are here to keep you safe!

    Shipping Address:

    Shamrock Gear & Repair LLC
    9522 Main Ave SE
    East Sparta, OH

    Safety for Firefighters, by Firefighters.