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  • 1851 PPE Expedited Care Program

    Feb 4

    Once again, at the request of our customers, Shamrock Gear Restoration LLC is pleased to announce the launch of our expedited care, maintenance and repair program.  This program further enhances our already speedy and high quality repair process, by offering our customers, who have special time constraints, the ability to get their turnout gear back in service even faster,  without sacrificing quality and care.  We have been told by many of you already that we offer unparalleled service, and now with this program we believe we are truly unmatched in the industry.

    The program is simple, for an additional $11.00 up charge per element, we will perform advanced cleaning,  inspection and repair on your gear in just two days, at our shop in Hudson.  Provided you gear reaches us by 11:oo am on day 1, it will be cleaned and inspected that day.  Repairs will be completed on the following day and your gear will be shipped by days end.  If for any reason your gear cannot be completed because of severe damage, pending warranty issues etc.  We will notify you immediately and only normal processing rates will apply. This program is for no more than 5 sets of bunker gear per department at a time.

    As always we greatly appreciate your business and your feedback, so keep the comments comming .  At Shamock, our family of Fire Fighters is pleased and honored to help keep you safe!!

    Please feel free to contact us anytime at 330-313-1220.

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